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Intuitiv bedienbar und individuell einstellbar, erleichtern unsere Lupenlampen professionelles Arbeiten. Ob Elektronik, Werken, Hobby oder im Büro, unser Sortiment bietet die richtige Lösung für Ihre ganz individuellen Anforderungen. Selbstverständlich sorgen wir auch für passendes Accessories.

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A high-quality magnifying lamp proves to be extremely versatile and is used in various fields. In industry, for example, it is used to thoroughly inspect products during final inspection. There are also numerous applications in the medical field. Dental laboratories and dentists use the magnifying lamp as indispensable standard equipment.

In addition, it offers numerous possibilities in the field of cosmetics, manicure and pedicure. In many cosmetic studios, the magnifying lamp is used regularly.

Of course, the magnifying lamp can also be used at home - whether for hobbies of all kinds, handicrafts, artistic activities, jewelry making, model making or stamp collecting. Once you get used to using a magnifying lamp, you will quickly realize how indispensable it becomes.

Electronics engineers also appreciate the usefulness of a light with a good magnifying glass, especially when it comes to locating the finest hairline cracks on a circuit board.

Older people with reading difficulties can be motivated to return to reading by using a high-quality magnifying lamp as a visual aid.

Explore our versatile range of magnifying lamps and find the right lamp for optimal magnification.

If you have any problems, we are of course available by e-mail or telephone. Our customer support is also assured for you after your purchase. Another plus point is our reliable spare parts procurement.